Sumo outdoor collection: a style fight.

Sumo outdoor collection: a style fight. it has been modified: 2017-09-25 di marilena Pannacci

Talking about "trends" in design in general and specifically in home decor products, today it has become more difficult than ever to be unlikely, because the global market continues to spin in its immense container culture, stories and customs of all kinds , giving rise to phenomena that swing from pure chaos to absolutely intriguing and engaging manifestations.

The SUMO collection is surely the daughter of our times, and it is no coincidence that its shapes are the result of a contamination born from the search for the sobriety typical of Italian design, and the charm of the characteristic slender curved lines of Oriental taste.

The result gives the viewer a simple and pleasant reading of the volumes, never degenerating into the banality, and the harmony of their curves, from the waist to that sense of elegance that makes the collection unique but versatile at the same time.

Again, the expression of the "form and function" theorem, "function and form" so dear to us Italians, returns to appear on a tea table, with the will to propose a solution for the safe cleaning of the piano in glass, to avoid an inappropriate posture to the operator's spine.

In the seats, the niche for drainage also acts as a handle for moving and lifting them. The objects were designed for rotational technology and aimed at indoor and outdoor furnishings. Bright and pastel colors enhance the harmony of the shapes of these objects.

SUMO outdoor-indoor collection - dimarziodesign

The SUMO collection was designed for DDplus design & pet


Small sofa-Sumo-dimarziodesign


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