Design furnishes the homes of Home Workers

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MADE.COM the brand that changes the rules of design allows decorate your home or office at a distance of a click.

Il workplace global in recent years has been completely revolutionized, Mobility imposes its rhythms and l 'home office has become the business model is preferred by companies from individuals who want start their business without risk or excessive investments.

About the office is living from home definitely needs to distinct décor, With the desire to make a comfortable habitat, dynamic e qualitatively superior; you need to have a space where you feel comfortable.

Thanks to the dedicated home office furnishings MADE.COM, you can create a home office: Comfortable, functional, economic and especially design.

La desk STROLLER unique style and design versatile, Built with the aim to last in time is the main element of a office "domestic", Created by designer Steuart Padwick is characterized by a strong balance between aesthetics and functionality.



Cubism and geometries for AXIS library geometric style that gives a contemporary touch to the interior, Available in both horizontal and vertical.

The collection of shelves Axisè fully realized oak; these compartments create a play of light and shadows for a striking effect.


Inspired by the nautical NAVY lamp to obtain the best light during work hours.

Navy is a lamp tripod very stable, Its special design enhances its beauty even in light off, becoming a piece of furniture romantic, elegance e sophisticated.


The catchy retro chair CORNELL.

Inspired by mid-century design, the lines of this chair sixties add a bold taste the desk.

Versatile design, angled legs from the retro and contemporary color shades; comfortable and beautifully designed.

Practice e comfortable, A modern chair made to simplify life and easy to maintain, white lacquered, with a particular comfortable backrest particularly striking design.


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