Arco bed by Cristian Sporzon

Arco bed by Cristian Sporzon it has been modified: 2015-09-04 di arcrist

The bed Arc is a line stretched across the path of a dream. Why is the dream that drives the lives of every day making it the star of the night.

A dream in the name of pleasure and lightness, so that our eyes - when we close them - to open a universe serene, armonico.Le soft curves of this structure - obtained by shaping a natural, wood, itself a symbol of life and regeneration - have a break, a single module to draw a line from the infinite which is pleasant to be lulled.

mahogany nubuck 2116_880

Arco_ulivo sapphire 1117_880


Arco_03_designed by_Cristian Sporzon_880

Arco_02_designed by_Cristian Sporzon_880

Design by Cristian Sporzon.

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