Jewels 3D printed, the new collections of .bijouet presented at Maison et Objet

Tassel 2-10 bijouet social magazine design
Jewels 3D printed, the new collections of .bijouet presented at Maison et Objet it has been modified: 2015-02-03 di Benedict Flowers

Presented in Paris during Maison et Objet new collections of jewelry 3d printed by .bijouet.

.bijouet presented at the latest edition of Maison et Objet, just concluded, the new lines of accessories and contemporary jewels, unique objects that intersect the universe of creativity with the world of design and fashion.

Among the novelties the Tassel collection, pendant, earrings, bracelet and ring, designed by Maria Jennifer Carew, which reworks the motif of the tassels in elements with essential geometric shapes and the Fogliolina collection - choker necklace, bracelets and earrings, designed by Selvaggia Armani, where the goldsmith-naturalistic vein is applied to the jewel in 3D printing.


New jewelry design signed by Maria Jennifer Carew for .bijouets: the Roaring Twenties in 3D printing.

The young actress Rosemary Hoyt would have liked it, or the very sophisticated Nicole, the protagonists of Tender is the Night, the masterpiece of Francis Scott Fitzgerald set in 1925. Tassel, the new collection of jewels - pendant, bracelet, earrings and ring - designed by Maria Jennifer Carew and created by .bijouets - a Trentino company specializing in the production of designer jewelry and accessories through professional 3D printing - looks like an iconic reworking of the style of the roaring twenties.

Tassel 1-08 bijouet social magazine design

Tassel 3-11 bijouet social magazine design

Tassel 5-13 bijouet social magazine design


Surely all the components of the collection would be worn by flapper girls, girls with perfect bobs, who lived to the rhythm of charleston and dressed with fringes and tassels. Tassel therefore takes up these ornaments and stylizes them in small rectangular geometric splinters, which reproduce the sense of movement: as the designer tells us, in fact, in these jewels in sintered nylon "the fringes, from soft and floating become rigid and motionless, but at at the same time they immortalize dynamism: the result is a collection dominated by exact shapes and color ”.

Recently presented at Maison et Objet, Tassel is available one-shop of .bijouets in the black, bluette, marsala and teal variants. All the components of the collection are made by the company through an innovative analog-digital production method, which combines the technology of 3D printing with the craftsmanship of the subsequent finishing phases. The result is authentic jewel-sculptures in a limited series, in which the plastics are revealed as unique and precious materials.

Tassel 7-15 bijouet social magazine design

Tassel 8-16 bijouet social magazine design

Tassel 9-17 bijouet social magazine design

Tassel 8-16 bijouet social magazine design


The collection of Wild Armani for .bijoutes: the ancient roots of a jewelery collection of contemporary jewelry.

A precious botanical encyclopedia, composed of gold leaves and buds of emeralds. As a creative sap, the naturalistic theme has always inspired the goldsmith's art: from ancient Greece collars, decorated with roses and golden acorns, through the tiaras and broche Liberty with flowers and vines, to get up to the inspirations of the day.

Fogliolina 1 bijouet social design magazine-01

In Fogliolina, the new series of jewelry fashion design presented by .bijouets, also the designer Armani Wild cultivates this trend goldsmith-naturalistic: lush leaves are wrapped together to give life, through the unpredictable geometries of their ribs, to aircraft and plots perforated, which refer to the elegance of the decorations naturalistic Liberty is they, the leaves of-pearl, the true stars of this collection.

Fogliolina 2 bijouet social design magazine-02

Fogliolina 3 bijouet social design magazine-03

The repetition of the balls, the game of full and empty defines a light structure of embroidery, lush yet essential, which are transformed into pendant earrings and bracelets from the perforated pattern, which joined in pairs form a choker necklace. All components of the parure are available in black, royal blue, teal and marsala.

Fogliolina 4 bijouet social design magazine-04

Fogliolina 5 bijouet social design magazine-05

Fogliolina 6 bijouet social design magazine-06

Fogliolina part bijouet social design magazine-07

The Fogliolina collection by Selvaggia Armani - entirely made of sintered nylon - speaks to us of a new language in design jewelery, composed of contemporary filigrees, perforations and engravings, revolutionized through the additive technology of 3D printing, able to create unique - unattainable solutions. with traditional techniques - combined with the manual care of finishing, coloring and details. Previewed at Maison et Objet, Fogliolina is available one-shop of .bijouets.

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