ABIMIS: a new Italian design shapes the passion for cooking

ABIMIS: a new Italian design shapes the passion for cooking it has been modified: 2014-02-06 di socialdesign magazine

There is a Announcements for gourmet lovers who want to own a home kitchen on a par with those of the great chefIt is called Abimis and is guaranteed by Prisma, A 'Italian company specializing in the production of systems for professional catering.

Abimis is born from the redesigning the space where you cook about its protagonist, the cookBecause every action is logical and fluid. Store, prepare, cook, Serve, Wash: are the five stages through which every chef performs the act of cooking. Actions are full of gestures precise and detailed that, with a 'perfect organization, Can become easy and fast, to leave free field to the expression of creativity.

Prisma knows well the development of these phases and, thanks to its thirty years of know-howCreates Abimis, a new kitchen project that allows you to bring
also in the home environment efficiency and functional quality of a professional kitchen. Designed by architect Alberto Torsello e handmade in ItalyThe kitchen is entirely in stainless steel, no leaks high level of resistance Shock. Finishing "orbitata" steel reduces the visibility of scratches and fingerprints, gives the kitchen a softer color and warm.


The attention to detail and the desire to create a highly functional product has led the company to design also cerniere furniture, steel, Hidden and welded, for open and close the doors forever, and without drawbacks without the need for maintenance. In the project Abimis ergonomics means not only attention to detail, but also in Casa del design and positioning of the elements, To facilitate use: the socket part of 20 cm to allow the approach to the plan work, a single piece, characterized by the system "stop over floating" for the containment of liquids. The internal compartments are watertight, with shelves depth higher than the average (75 cm), sliding, to easily reach even the more items placed inside. The dashboard control the fires is inclined to give maximum visibility. All the accessories make reference to CANTONI "Gastronorm" which provides standard measures to pass pans and bowls the pantry, the kitchen sink, the refrigerator, the oven, reducing time and handling preparations.

Tutto in Abimis is welded and rounded: Both the internal surfaces and the external ones. A clear advantage for the maintenance of a high level of hygiene.
The same knobs fires are shaped for a secure grip and pleasant, besides being removable and washable. The kitchen is equipped with a powerful extractor hood with a remote engine. Also the collection of wet waste has been considered: Abimis can mount a trash chilled that keeps the temperature at 6 ° C reduces the growth of bacteria and the resulting stench.

The kitchen Abimis is studied in a totally personalizedThe result of the integration between the idea of ​​the architect, the productive ability of Prisma, the needs and desires of those who will have the pleasure of using it. Each project is uniqueFor this reason every kitchen is numbered.













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