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Special Guest, forty-sixth of Formabilio contest

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Special Guest, forty-sixth of Formabilio contest it has been modified: 2015-04-09 di Benedict Flowers

Formabilio Launches Special Guest, the forty-sixth international contest dedicated to designers and enthusiasts of furniture from all over the world.

It has until May 18 2015 to submit their projects or furnishing accessories for the home.

Which kicks off today Special Guest, the forty-sixth international contest - aimed at designers from around the world - launched by Formabilio, the Italian brand of furniture, lamps and furniture that supports the eco-design shared and made in Italy and promotes projects and aspiring designers through online contests.

Furniture and accessories inspired by the style, the way of being and acting of a historical character, famous, fantasy. Whether it is a small table for Queen Elizabeth, a weekly for Lady Gaga, a session for Snoopy, a library for Leonardo da Vinci, a bedside table for Will Smith, a valet
for the Great Gatsby or the coat for the Pope, he thinks of a project for your special guest avoiding the obvious.

Tackles the issue with a look worthy of the best designer and propose us an interpretation of the theme well-reasoned, motivated and original. Refer your project design, it makes it a sort of homage and remember to tell us the name of the guest stars that will inspire.

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week, Maria Grazia Andali and Andrea Carbone - co-founder of Formabilio - and all the team are waiting for designers Saturday April from 18 18: 30 at the showroom floors Area Via Vittadini 1 to present live the theme of Special Guest contest.
The designer of the winning projects identified by the jury of Formabilio will be entitled to a fee of 7% on the sale of products on

Information about the contest:

The project applications must be sent - by using the appropriate section of the site -from hours 10: 00 9 April 2015 of the 18: 00 of 18 May 2015.

Voting will close at 18: 00 25 May 2015 and the winners will be announced by June 25 2015.

For an insight into the requirements and participate in the contest:

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