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Pavoni Italy in partnership with announces the competition "Design Meets Functionality And Innovation In The Kitchen" aimed at Italian and foreign designers and the inherent design of objects used in the field of food design.

Interested parties have until December 31 2014 to submit their creative ideas.

Pavoni Italy for over 30 years starring on the international market in the areas of bakery and catering, with a core business based on the production of plastic containers, molds, accessories, equipment and small machines for bakery and pastry. Today the focus has extended even to the household sector, putting at the service of the new line of molds and accessories PAVONIDEA all the knowledge and results obtained in the course of his professional experience. created with the aim of promoting the work of the designers, in a unanimous and democratic, with the mission to develop contacts to create real opportunities for achievement. The network is now the vehicle that gives feedback sudden; In fact, after only a few months after the opening of the site, Promote Design has seen an exponential growth in the number of its members. is visited by over 75000 users per month, with a total of 360000 page views; using different communication channels, is no longer just a web portal but a major network that offers services to worldwide creative.

Competition theme

The theme of the competition is for the design of useful objects to the preparation and / or consumption of food and accessories for the table / kitchen / gifts. It requires creative professionals to analyze the classical methods of use of objects of the food sector and to study any new form / type of accessory that can
make more accessible and dynamic function of these products. Participation is free and open to Italian and foreign designers who have reached eighteen years of age; It may participate in design teams consisting of a parent who will be solely responsible and contact person.

It is however allowed the presentation of several design ideas.

How to participate

To participate in the competition "Design Meets Functionality And Innovation In The Kitchen" you will need to subscribe to the site and follow the wizard to submit papers. Each participant must produce high-quality images that specify the best project. You also need to accompany each project from a text description of no more than 1000 characters (including spaces). Designers can post their ideas from 01 September 2014 until midnight on December 31 2014. The winners will be announced by January 31 2015. The designers who pass the selection will provide the company, within 10 working days, the 3D need to prototyping of the piece.

Design specifications

There is no limit to the type of project, as long as it is part of the category food design and is designed for a realization of the artifacts designed by mold. Therefore, they are to avoid or minimize any conditions undercut. The materials used are preferably elastomeric or
thermoplastic (eg, silicone, thermoplastic rubber, ABS, PP, PA, PMMA, etc.) with the possibility of coupling with metal or wood.


Jury President: Paul Barichella> Food Designer
Enzo Carbone> Founder
Corinna Pavoni> AD Pavoni Italy
Francesca Russo> dob Magazine Publisher


All projects will be uploaded to by midnight on December 31 2014.


The first three winners will be paid a cash award and entered into a legal contract that provides for the payment of royalties on the production and marketing of the winning ideas. The prize money will be distributed as follows:

€ 1 1.000,00 place
€ 2 750,00 place
€ 3 500,00 place


The participant declares that the projects published within its exclusive design and authorship and is solely responsible for the material sent, then releases the organization from any liability relating to the ownership of the project and the possible violation of industrial or intellectual property of third parties certain from content provided by the participant organization. The Selection Committee, if they think enough the quality of the ideas submitted, we reserve the right not to award the prize and / or not to select ideas for the public event and / or production.

More information on participating in the competition can be requested via email: or by telephone: 02 / 36580208.

For more information visit

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