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Edition URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR 2019 - Architecture goes on vacation

Edition URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR 2019 - Architecture goes on vacation it has been modified: 2020-04-23 di urlaubsarchitektur

Unusual homes for demanding travelers. Simple, intoxicating, refined and incomparable - the 2019 edition includes 34 new favorite houses from the HOLIDAY ARCHITECTURE team, which fascinate with their uniqueness.

Whether it's a country estate, a hut, a church or a water tower: owners and architects have realized their personal dreams here through an individual and coherent approach, which they make available to us for the period of holidays. From casual to luxury - these homes demonstrate: architecture matters!

The preface of the book is a strong statement against mass tourism and an invitation to the reader to take a different path - that of the traveler capable of discovering and appreciating new and unusual concepts of vacation.

Publisher Jan Hamer has been managing the portal since 2007, an architectural BEST OF vacation homes. The collection currently includes nearly 500 objects - mostly in Europe. The focus is on holiday homes and apartments, which are complemented by some selected hotels and B & Bs.

SELECTION 2019 is the eighth volume of the URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR series and is published for the fifth time by the publishing house of the same name. The current book is available in select bookstores and online:

Picture credits © Edition Urlaubsarchitektur, © Pasi Aalto (Fordypningsrommet), © Ciro Frank Sciappa (Camino de Playa), © Felix Mooneram (black h)


Publisher: Jan Hamer
Publisher: Jan Hamer
Authors: Ulrich Stefan Knoll, Britta Krämer, Anke Steinweg and Hubertus Adam, Tina Barankay (Essays).
Graphics: Bucharchitektur / Kathrin Schmuck

Bilingual German / English, 250 pages, numerous illustrations
Hardcover with linen cover. € 36,95 [D / AT / CH].

ISBN: 978-3-9817367-5-5-5-5
First publication date: 1 or November 2018 (1 edition)

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