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"BATH LOWER: functionality and aesthetics in the limit of 6 square" competition interior design promoted by EERA

Eera Contest 2016
Eera Contest 2016
"BATH LOWER: functionality and aesthetics in the limit of 6 square" competition interior design promoted by EERA it has been modified: 2016-02-19 di Benedict Flowers

officially part EERA Contest 2016, the second edition of the contest of interior design launched by EERA stone solutions for architecture, with the 'Association sponsorship for Industrial Design (ADI) delegation Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige.

It is the online notice "BATH LOWER: functionality and aesthetics in the limit of 6 sq.m.", Second edition of the interior design competition announced by EERA stone solutions for architecture - alone Italian atelier Stone dedicated to the world of wellness, spa and bath - with the patronage of the Association for the Industrial Design (ADI) delegation Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. Participation is free and there is time until to 3 May to join the project, that will appeal to all architects and designers.

Participants are invited to devise a minimal bathroom environment from a spatial point of view, but not for this lacking the aesthetic dimension and comfort. The projects presented must therefore enhance the beauty and the potential of marble in interior architecture in the context of a typical urban residential apartment.

Will an expert jury to assess projects and choose the winner, chaired by Marco Zito, architect and designer, associate professor of Product Design at the IUAV University of Venice, and composed of: Oscar Hills, co-founder and editorialist of Il Bagno Oggi and Domani, member of the Permanent Design Observatory, at ADI; Alessandro Lolli, Director of Design Context; Michela Baldessari, designer, managing member of ADI - Veneto delegation and Trentino Alto Adige, professor of History of Design at the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia; Laura de Stefano, Architect, consultant Marmomacc cultural events; Alberto Salvadori, art director EERA stone solutions for architecture.

The winning project will be realized by EERA in close collaboration with its creator in the months of June and July 2016 and will be installed at the Sega showroom in Cavaion (Verona); the project realized will then be exhibited in conjunction with the leading trade fair in the marble sector marmomacc (28 September - 01 October 2016). Following will be the proclamation in the presence of the media; on that occasion the drawings of the other projects received will also be presented. The winner of the competition will also be entitled to a flat fee of € 2.000 for the detailed development of the project.

The initiative stems from the desire of EERA stone solutions for architecture, a company born from the passion and experience of the company Cev Marmi & Graniti for stone processing, to involve the "insiders" in a project that is in line with their values. The EERA showroom is a meeting place for architects and designers, a veritable laboratory of knowledge and projects, where the raw material finds its maximum expression in unique creations: here there are six "bathrooms" and a wellness area created in natural stone, here you can discover the latest industry news, with the opportunity to meet ideal partners to carry out projects together. EERA is a place where stone from raw material becomes a "primordial element", versatile and dynamic, from which real works of art originate.

explains Andrea Crescini, commercial director of EERA and member of the third generation of the family
founder: "With this announcement, which will award the project of a contemporary bathroom and possible, we
we propose to transmit all the power and benefits of using the stone, involving creative in
an initiative which is not only a competition, but also an opportunity for discussion and collaboration through a
original theme and a great stimulus. "
"The theme of the announcement," The minimal bathroom: functionality and aesthetics in 6 sqm "limits, was born drawing inspiration from the values ​​that
CEV guide the company and its EERA showroom » explains Marco Zito, president of the jury. "A bathroom
of 6 square meters it is in fact representative of contemporary residential homes, where the designer is called to a
challenge: compete with limited space and at the same time enhancing the beauty of the environments through the use of
stone and design. "

The announcement of the competition is available on the EERA website at the following link:

Eera Contest 2016

Eera Contest 2016

Eera Contest 2016

Eera Contest 2016

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