Shadowy pouf White | Black Design Tord Boontje for Moroso



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Under the project "M'Afrique", Moroso has proposed some artists (designers, architects, photographers) to carry the strength and beauty of Africa in their works. ethnic prints in bright colors for a "chic exo effect" absolutely trendy! The Shadowy collection, Tord Boontje offers us an interpretation of Africa poetic and eccentric. meeting point of multiple inspirations, the pouf / footrest Shadowy is a true masterpiece. The Dutch designer manages to mix ethnic style Baroque and Art Nouveau, with humor and panache! The highly original curved shapes evoke the beach furniture the years' 20. This pouf is perfectly matched to the armchair from the same collection. Ethnic and colorful prints are first drawn and then scanned by designer Tord Boontje. So they are handmade by African craftsmen, in a Senegalese atelier created by Moroso. The countless multicolored plastic wires are meticulously woven to create the geometric patterns. The wires are stretched over a steel frame. The use of weaving technique is traditionally used in Africa to manufacture fishing nets. A remarkable craftsmanship that makes each chair Shadowy unique. The Shadowy ottoman is available in five colors: Multired (orange, red, yellow, brown), multigreen (green, blue), Supercolor (red, black, white), Black & White (white and black), Plain Green (green tint unit). The Shadowy collection includes an ottoman, a chair, a chair and a chaise longue. Indoor and outdoor - Hand-Woven made a Senegalese laboratory created by Moroso

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