Armchair Toogou Brown | Black Design Ayse Birsel | Bibi Seck for Moroso



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Under the M'Afrique "project, Patrizia Moroso (artistic director eponymous brand) has proposed some artists (designers, architects, photographers) to carry the strength and beauty of Africa in their works. The designer Patricia Urquiola, Tord Boontje and Birsel & Seck lent themselves to the game, creating a collection of outdoor furniture that comes from creative language and culture of Africa. The result is astonishing: this collection is exuberant, rich in humanity, baroque, colorful and full of life. A delight for the eyes and an invitation to travel ... M'Afrique is a perfect synthesis of tradition and modernity: every piece of the collection is handmade by local craftsmen of a Senegalese atelier created by Moroso. The use of weaving technique is traditionally used in Africa to manufacture fishing nets. A remarkable craftsmanship that makes each creation M'Afrique one piece. With this chair Toogou, designers Ayse Birsel and Bibi Seck offer us an interpretation of Africa poetic and eccentric. The bare structure and the air looks like a sinuous ribbon, free in space. The seat is not fastened to the back and seems to literally float in the air! Comfortable, cozy, ergonomic shapes perfectly accompany the body. The ethnic grounds by hyper-vitamin colors are obtained by hand weaving countless strands of multi-colored plastic on a steel structure. This creation transmits both tradition and modernity, innovation and history, form and beauty. It is used both inside and outside. "For internal and external - Woven craftsmanship achieved in a Senegalese laboratory created by Moroso

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