Lago Et Voilà Tree – Wardrobe L. 331 cm


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The Et Voilà wardrobe by Daniele Lago, the result of an extremely innovative project, opens with a simple gesture and then disappears into the architecture: a large stretched fabric replaces the doors, eliminating the perception of the wardrobe, which becomes a refined wall textile. Et Voilà by Daniele Lago is a wardrobe that can be designed to the millimeter in every aspect, which can be equipped internally with shelves, drawers, mirrors, LED lights and a metal tree that serves as a coat hanger. An innovative magnetic closure system, silent and self-adjusting, is able to stretch the fabric that replaces the doors, completely losing perception of it and making the wardrobe itself almost invisible in space. The soft and refined fabric has a technical soul and a texture that prevents dust from filtering inside, guaranteeing sound absorption that makes rooms soft and muffled. This system allows you to easily change the look of the room, as maintenance and washing are facilitated by a refined system of invisible hinges.

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