Hybrid Aglaura Glasses - Set of 3 Multicolored design CTRLZAK for Seletti


Set of 3 glasses with different motifs - Matte finish - Decoration divided into two parts.

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When art comes to the table! The plates, cups or bowls of the Hybrid collection are fairy pictures for an unusual, original and colorful table. This splendid service illustrated by the brilliant studio Ctrlzak has a double personality! The iridescent colored patterns boldly mix traditional decorative motifs inspired by the tradition of the West on one side and the East on the other. The motifs are separated by a colored line which establishes a visible border between east and west and which paradoxically consolidates their union. The contrasts between the motifs accompany a contrast of shapes: on the same element, the round and smooth contours are combined with wavy lines with the delicious scent of the past.

Produced in Tangshan in China, the capital of Bone China, this precious collection derives from an ancestral craft tradition. The finishes are handmade. A trait of union between past and present, between East and West, Hybrid offers an exuberant mix of tradition and modernity! The subtle and original work of the decoration creates an extraordinary and delicate harmony. Unbreakable and timeless, the Hybrid tableware decorates any table: classic, contemporary, chic or sober. The Hybrid collection includes: plates, cups, mugs, bowls and salad bowls.

This set consists of 3 glasses with different motifs. It creates an iridescent ensemble and perfectly matches the other elements of the Hybrid collection. You can also associate them with more sober elements, in white ceramic for example.

Set of 3 glasses with different motifs - Matte finish - Decoration divided into two parts.

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