Chantal Andriot

Quality and innovation have always distinguished the “Tolix” brand, and still do so thanks to the work of the designer, designer and director Chantal Andriot, who since 2004 took over the company founded by Xavier Pauchard, managing to give it new life.

Chantal Andriot

Its unmistakable minimalist style with simple and defined lines has managed to combine the urban and industrial aesthetics of the brand, with the most modern trends in furniture, thus managing to create new products, without neglecting the re-edition of the old models. in galvanized sheet metal.

Its collections maintain the production of utilitarian furniture elements, such as chairs, tables and stools, perfectly combining design and comfort, ideal for interior furnishing of kitchens, bars and restaurants. The materials mostly used are steel and wood, enriched by a wide range of bright colors.
Her style can be called original, bold and practical. Timeless, classic and avant-garde, simple and original objects, the embodiment of the modern style of the 30s.

And it is thanks to the intuition of Chantal Andriot that the old Tolix A chair, which in a short time became a real icon, marking a significant step in French design, was joined by the new Tolix AA, a perforated variation in stainless steel. which brought a younger style to the brand.

For her merits Chantal Andriot has recently received the rank of Cavalier of the Legion of Honor.