Bbmds design is a very particular architectural studio, probably unique in its kind. It was born from the collaboration between three young architects, Alessio Baschera, Fabio Brigolin and Matteo Mocchi who in the 2010 decide to put together their abilities to found an atypical architectural firm and develop their ideas.



Their intent, unlike all the other architects, is not to follow the fashion or styles of the moment but much more simply to develop each of their projects starting from an idea.

BBMDS immediately turns towards industrial design and their chameleon-like ability not to follow a precise style gives them the possibility of beating many different paths, always adapting to what to do.

This peculiarity led them to collaborate with many brands, even very heterogeneous between them.

They call themselves experimenters, they love working with new materials for innovative products, or they like to give different shapes and uses to products already present in our homes.

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