Alessandro Stabile

Alessandro Stabile was born in 1985 in Milan. He began his studies at the Milan Polytechnic. In 2013 it received a prestigious award; in fact he was selected by the Italian Cultural Institute of New York as one of the ten best young Italian designers.

Alessandro StabileAs he himself stated in a recent interview, Alessandro Stabile tries to put three concepts in each of his projects: idea, elegance and truth. His resume is truly rich; in 2007 he won the competition organized by Ferrero, “the design for nutella”, and in the same year he won the “new bixy” competition by designing a functioning pedal-assisted bicycle. In 2008 he embarks on a career path with Giulio Iacchetti where he plays the role of product designer and project leader. In 2011 he tried the experience of opening his own studio by signing business agreements with numerous companies such as Ferrero, internoitaliano, Serrature Meroni, SPD, Appartamento Lago, Unitedpets. Later he became the art director of Artifex.

Products created

There are numerous products conceived, designed and created by the designer Alessandro Stabile. Here are some of them. For the company “il Coccio” he created Lucilla, that is a table lamp. For the "internoitaliano" company he has designed several products, such as a valet stand (Mori), a table (Orio), a desk (Avio) and finally scissors. What is visible in the various works of the designer is his design philosophy intent on reconciling design and aesthetics in products of daily use. Furthermore, it tries to bring elegance towards those products that are usually distant from the product categories that are more similar and closer to the world of design.

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