Adrien Gardère

Adrien Gardère works all over the world (France, Italy, United States, India, Egypt, Indonesia, Canada) to create a strong and meaningful dialogue between the know-how traditional and contemporary lifestyles.
Adrien Gardère

From his work reflected a strong determination to find solutions in which innovation and comfort, insight and emotion, scientific expertise and educational value can coexist.

Working on various projects, Adrien Gardère showed great adaptability to the countries and foreign cultures and the ability to communicate effectively with industrial, artisans, businessmen, museum curators, scientists and experts. His professional approach has enjoyed global success with projects ranging from furniture, lighting and product design to exhibition and museum.

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  • Floor lamp MELAMPO Grey design Adrien Gardère for ARTEMIDE

  • Table lamp MELAMPO Bronze Design Adrien Gardère for ARTEMIDE

  • Table lamp design MELAMPO Grey Adrien Gardère for ARTEMIDE

  • Wall lamp MELAMPO design Grey Adrien Gardère for ARTEMIDE