Diesel with Foscarini

Diesel living with foscarini

Diesel with Foscarini was launched in 2009 and has since continued to surprise and inspire designers and lighting enthusiasts around the world. The lamps in the collection are characterized by a strong visual impact, thanks to a creative and original design, and particular attention to the choice of materials.

The collaboration between Diesel, the well-known clothing brand, and Foscarini, the leading company in the design lighting sector, has led to the creation of a unique and innovative collection of lamps, called Diesel with Foscarini. From the union between two pillars in the fashion and interior design sector, a fantastic series of all-Italian products comes to life.

The partnership between Diesel and Foscarini aims to create much more than lighting elements, but trendy and quality furnishing accessories, studied in detail by the best interior designers.

Combining the experience of Diesel in the field of fashion and Foscarini in the field of interior design, it was possible to create a unique, trendy and design product. The Diesel living with Foscarini branded collection brings together more than forty proposals for lighting accessories that enclose the transgressive and trendy style from the Diesel heart, with rock, pop, vintage and industrial style cues in a high quality product.

Designed for every type of space, they manage to adapt to every home, making it unique in its style. Foscarini in this project wanted to use unique and innovative materials, putting on the market cutting-edge technologies, among the first in the world.

In terms of design, we wanted to give a lot of light, shadows, curves and edges, to create unique light and dark contrasts, which give the surrounding environment a unique and relaxing atmosphere. Products designed to illuminate the environment in an optimal and ecological way, in fact the company has also thought about energy saving, using low consumption light sources. A unique, design product that makes every home special.

Diesel with Foscarini lamps are available in different shapes and sizes, and have been designed to be used in different environments, from the home to the office, through commercial premises and public spaces. The lamps can be used as main points of light, or to create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, thanks to a soft and enveloping light.

One of the most famous lamps in the collection is certainly "Rock", a suspension lamp made up of a blown glass cylinder with an irregular texture, reminiscent of rock. "Rock" is available in three different sizes and in different finishes, which allow you to choose the most suitable one for any environment.

Another very interesting lamp in the collection is "Fork", a table or suspension lamp, inspired by the world of fashion, and in particular by denim fabric. "Fork" is composed of a painted metal structure and a fabric diffuser, available in different colors.

The Diesel with Foscarini collection also includes other very original and creative lamps, such as "Glas" and "Graf". “Glas” is a suspension lamp that combines two apparently different elements, a blown glass shade and a painted metal structure, creating a surprising visual effect. "Graf" is instead a wall lamp characterized by a linear and geometric shape, reminiscent of a sculpture.

In conclusion, the Diesel with Foscarini collection represents a perfect marriage between Diesel's bold and innovative design and Foscarini's quality craftsmanship and advanced technology. Thanks to this collaboration, it is possible to illuminate environments with style, creating a unique and exclusive atmosphere.

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