Design Letters

design lettersDesign Letters is a brand that has roots in Denmark, both in the geographical sense of the term and in that of style. The linear and simple approach, typical of the Scandinavian concept, immediately shines through when, in 2009, the company makes itself known in the world of design, offering wooden letters on the market, to hang on the wall or to be placed on furniture, such as decorative signage.

Design Letters articles: from birth to today

In a couple of years, the Scandinavian company begins to expand its business scope, creating design objects and furnishing accessories, which are increasingly appreciated. Cups, plates, household fabrics, jars, designed with characters developed by Arne Jacobsen way back in 1937, enjoy great success: the shapes of the letters of the alphabet, which are distinguished by their elongated lines and very accentuated angles, are inspired by the signage of the town hall of Aarhus, Denmark.

The Danish letters: why are they so successful?

In all likelihood, one of the main reasons why the Danish letters are very successful, lies not only in their aesthetic beauty of linear and clean forms, but also in the reference to a past time, to the modernism typical of the Scandinavian style.

Design Letters household objects and furnishing accessories speak in a simple way to everyone, even to children, with a direct and accessible language, despite the constant search for perfection.


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