Undisputed leader in the field of lighting, the Artemide Group conquers and maintains one of the most important places in the group of companies dedicated to lighting. Internationally famous for the way it knows how to interpret and recreate enveloping and captivating lighting scenarios, Artemide is a pioneer of lighting styles with a refined contemporary design, giving life to luminous bodies more similar to works of art than mere "lamps".

The responsibility of light

Artemide, however, is not only synonymous with taste and sophistication: a subtle, yet profound philosophy based on respect for the environment and for humans, inhabits and enlivens every luminous work, for a full awareness of the value of light. Indeed, the identity of the Artemide Group comes to life and is embodied in the company motto "The Human and Responsible Light” in a melting pot of values ​​that make Artemide an avant-garde reality in the field of responsible manufacturing and, above all, Made in Italy.

Not just lamps

The MoMA in New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan all share a passion and love for contemporary design: for this reason they welcome pieces of inestimable artistic value , the luminous bodies marked Artemide. The perfect "O", an interior lamp with a minimal taste, the suspended Falkland, the luminous columns Cadmo or, again, the imposing and delicate Calipso chandelier tell of the original inspiration of the founder of Artemide, Ernesto Gismondi, usually saying that lives only on light bulbs, but on innovation.


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