Libre Gutierrez / “Ciclo Guaycura” murals in Mexico

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Libre Gutierrez / “Ciclo Guaycura” murals in Mexico it has been modified: 2013-12-23 di jessica zannori

After working in the city of La Paz, on the Baja peninsula of Mexico, as part of the "Pintemos of Mexico" arts program by INFONAVIT, the artist Libre Gutierrez (assisted by Kafy) has held several workshops to people living in the Solidaridad neighborhood, which involve the use of basic spray paint and the construction of benches for public spaces using empty cans. Two walls were painted to create the murals "Guaycura Cycle"

inspired by the first settlers of the area, local elements, such as turtles and whales, constellations in the sky, cave paintings, also represents the purification of the soul through night and fire. This is a mural that speaks of the connection between past and present.

The Bancas Paz5

Bank La Paz

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DSC 5553

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