Art weaves Emilio Cavallini's love for color on display at ME Milan Il Duca

Emilio Cavallini
Art weaves Emilio Cavallini's love for color on display at ME Milan Il Duca it has been modified: 2019-04-07 di Benedetto Fiori

ME by Meliá, the brand of the Meliá Hotels International group spokesperson for initiatives related to contemporary art and culture, welcomes the Emilio Cavallini exhibition "Geometric Abstraction" to ME Milan Il Duca: a journey into the artist's universe, a tribute to creativity and color, consisting of more than thirty works, created from the seventies to today.

ME Milan Il Duca, 5 star luxury hotel located in the heart of the fashion capital, in Piazza della Repubblica, is an exclusive, cosmopolitan, contemporary, design-oriented place, which offers its guests, the Milanese and visitors to the city, a rich cultural program, The Culture Collective, which supports local creators, generating powerful synergies with the city.

Until the end of March, the hotel opens its doors to the creative history of Emilio Cavallini by exhibiting his works in the common areas, such as the lobby and the library, to continue along the central corridor to the Radio Rooftop Bar, where the creations of artist complement and blend with the exclusive and exciting view of the Milanese skyline.

The exhibition, curated by Greta Zuccali and Luca Timpani, celebrates the love for color and the search for harmony and perfection that Emilio Cavallini places in a thread, that of nylon, which is ennobled as an art object, a raw material of exception.

The textile artist and entrepreneur, founder of Stilnovo di San Miniato, a company that produces patterned socks exported all over the world, has continuously cultivated his passion for art, creating unique works contaminated by fashion, mathematics and architecture.

The main elements of his creations are unusual materials borrowed from the world of fashion such as nylon thread, printed polyamide fabrics, the same socks and spools for yarns. The planning of his research starts from basic elements of geometry, points, lines, squares, triangles, circles, organized in three-dimensional space according to mathematical laws. An avant-garde work, inserted in the artistic expressions of the second half of the 900th century in an optical-kinetic, analytical and generative direction.

Since 2010, Cavallini has devoted himself totally to art and, in February 2011, the Milan Triennale dedicated a large retrospective to him that finally allowed the public to get to know his works. At the same time, the creative path of Emilio Cavallini can also be admired in the non-profit exhibition space Interface HUB / ART. Here, in the bistro area, six stalactites made of nylon thread four meters high are also on display, contributing to the dialogue with the public, in a mysterious atmosphere.

Exhibition Emilio Cavallini "Geometric Abstraction"
ME Milan Il Duca until 31 March 2019
piazza della Repubblica, 13 - Milan
Free admission

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