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The wooden hut in the bushes: the refuge in nature of a family of web professionals in Wuhan

The Ark Cabin by Wiki World
The wooden hut in the bushes: the refuge in nature of a family of web professionals in Wuhan it has been modified: 2023-03-17 di Benedetto Fiori

The project conceived by the studio Wikiworld is located in the suburbs of Wuhan. The owners are web professionals, a family of four who wanted a holiday cabin surrounded by nature to accompany their children and relax. The house is built with a light wooden frame and hidden in the bushes.

Paul, the owner, has a scientific background and declares: “This log house, for me, is both a reward and a place where I can catch my breath when I feel overwhelmed. The lifestyle I imagine for the future will be more focused on experience than on achieving goals; goal-seeking often involves anxiety, while experience is easier to obtain and more grounding and enriching."

The cabin is a two-story structure with a huge triangular loft that makes the house look like a spaceship, while creating a sheltered camp feel, in response to the southern climate where the family can still stay under one roof during the day. exposure season and rainy days.

The whole structure of the log house is made of Finnish wood, with the appearance of natural grain plywood, and large roofs with carbonized wood texture, hoping to amplify the material's influence on space and senses, and return to the real natural state.

project info

  • Company/Firm: Wikiworld
  • Lead Designers: Mu Wei
  • Other Designer(s): Feng Zhaoxian, Wu Baorong, LI Jiaqi
  • Photo Credit: Wikiworld
  • Location: Wuhan, China
  • Project date: 2022-01
  • Construction Company: Wikiworld
  • Architect: Mu Wei, Feng Zhaoxian, Wu Baorong, LI Jiaqi
  • Interior Designers: Wikiworld
  • Hospitality: Wikiworld
  • Developer: Wikiworld

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