ORION. The new range of chronothermostats by IMIT Control System

Simplicity of programming, very accurate aesthetics and energy saving are the strengths of the new range of chronothermostats by IMIT Control System.

design News

Excellent feedback for OMBG at ISH 2023

OMBG, the excellence of made in Italy thermostatic mixing, has garnered excellent acclaim from the qualified visitors who were able to touch the company's products firsthand.

Architecture News

Check the boiler when it is done and what risks can be avoided

Overhauling the boiler is essential for its correct operation, to maintain efficiency and avoid risks that endanger our lives.

Architecture News

EU imposes new rules on energy-efficiency standards

The new rules on energy efficiency standards impose minimum energy efficiency of products such as boilers and water heaters.

design News

New thermostatic controls to Arteclima. For a nice and efficient radiator.

Arteclima has enriched its range of thermostatic controls, with two new proposals for the radiator with total-white chrome and white / chrome