Meta Square by Dornbracht: the new minimalist look that conquers elegance, for fusion and cosmopolitan kitchens

The shapes have been reduced considerably, further enhancing the elegance and versatility of its classic design.


Color contrasts and material textures for the interior design of a house on 2 levels

Interior design project of a house on 2 levels, where the common denominator is the interaction with the structural elements and the designed furnishings.


Color your life with Stop & Walk!

Energy and positive vibes in every nuance of

Chromotherapy not mind: surround yourself with bright colors and inspirational makes most active, calm, creative and happy! And this applies to our home for the clothes we wear: every room has its own color, every object, every detail of an outfit represents us, every nuance reflects a mood, an emotion, a peculiarity of our character.


Buy out of the box, be one of!

Be only It is not simple in an increasingly mass-world: a breath of fresh air comes from Spain, thanks to Stop & Walk, the new "Lifestyle market" which finally opened its virtual doors in Italy.

Imagine walking through the stalls of the Rastro madrileño or Portobello Road in London, in a creative atmosphere, cool and bohemian, where to stay in observing a product (Stop) and then resume navigation (Walk), to search for the perfect must-haves for themselves or perfect gift for every occasion ...


Folded Felt Table and Pendant Light / Li-Rong Liao

Folded Felt Table and Pendant Light are the result of experiments Li-Rong, With different bending profiles to find a balance between structure and aesthetics.