One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Atelier | Daniele Della Porta architect

Mineral is a one-of-a-kind jewelery atelier, located in Cava de' Tirreni (SA), born from the idea of ​​Mario Pisapia, an accredited gemologist and diamond expert, and the architect Daniele Della Porta.

design News

BUKIaRilievo nerosiclia at Salone del Mobile

A lava stone project made of empty and full that reshape the perception of the surface and stimulate the eye moving from a buko other.


the poetics of waste stones

recycled stones recontextualizes in everyday life the role and value of the irregularity of stone processing waste from the Ossola Valley

Architecture News

The piasentina stone Julia Marmi at Cer-Style

Julia Marmi specializes in the extraction and processing of stone Piasentina, it is in his second appointment to the exhibition Cersaie Cer-Style.


Catuma Surrealist collection of steel glasses and wood and stone carvings

Catuma Eyewear, after the success of the line of carbon fiber and stone spear "Surrealist" a collection of glasses dedicated to surrealism.