Renovation of the Penha Apartment in Lisbon: an intervention of contemporary and material elegance

The Penha Apartment project by Paulo Moreira Architectures renovated an apartment in Lisbon, improving its functionality and aesthetics. The layout has been made more open and bright, with integrated work spaces. The kitchen and bedrooms have been optimized, and the balcony reopened for more light and natural air.


A total white apartment with stunning ocean views, São Felix apartment, Paolo Moreira Architectures

The São Felix apartment, designed by Paolo Moreira Architectures, is an oasis of calm with a breathtaking view of the ocean. Characterized by a total white design and sober materials, the apartment offers common spaces around a structural volume.


Inclusive Spaces for the Community: The 'Escadinhas Footpaths' Project in Matosinhos fusion of Architecture, Art and Nature

The “Escadinhas Footpaths” project promoted by INSTITUTO and designed by Paulo Moreira Architecture, in collaboration with Verkron, is an example of how architecture, art and nature can come together in a single urban project.


Renovated apartment during the pandemic | Paulo Moreira architectures

The apartment was renovated during the COVID-19 pandemic. This meant that the construction process had to be adapted for safety reasons, especially since the site did not have an outdoor space.