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Panasonic launches the new bulbs of the Nostalgia series

Panasonic, Third largest manufacturer of light bulbs in the world in the field of enlightenment and number one supplier of light bulbs in Japan, announces the commercialization of 12 new LED products for the consumer and business markets, Further expanding its offering to the European market.
In response to the needs of consumers, the competitive price range has been expanded and now includes LED bulbs with attack E14 5W 330lm (equivalent to an incandescent bulb 30W) table tennis and candle. To the already comprehensive range of spotlights adds instead the model with attack OJ 5.3 10W 540lm (equivalent to halogen lamp from 45W), with dimmer.


Two Red Dot Design Award awards celebrate the excellence of Panasonic Design

Panasonic will receive two "Red Dot Award" during the gala ceremony Red Dot, which will be held in Essen, Germany, on July 1 2013. The awards go to both small appliances Series B (not currently marketed in Italy) is the LED bulb "Modern Classic"Extraordinary even for the incredible energy efficiency.


Music meets fashion: Panasonic presents its new line of headphones HXD

Style, elegance and underground look meet the highest fidelity of sound, Panasonic presents the new headphones of the HXD line in collaboration with Istituto Marangoni at the Old Fashion Cafè in Milan, the HXD headphones will be worn by models and models during the fashion show.


Panasonic / LED Nostalgic Clear lamp

Panasonic launches in Europe bulbs Nostalgic Clear the new bulb LED has the same look and brightness of a 40W incandescent bulb and recreates the same atmosphere, but with far greater energy efficiency


Panasonic Photosyntesis, energy optimization and sustainability

Panasonic brings the concept of a project for the creation, storage and use of electricity through energy-saving LED and OLED light sources to the 2012 furniture fair. The installation by the Japanese architect Akihisa Hirata, included in the Interni Legacy exhibition, in the courtyards of the State University, underlines the affinity of the system to chlorophyll photosynthesis.