Ala is the new handle by Manital, delicate and light, designed by Bartoli Design

The collaboration between Manital and Bartoli Design gives life to the new Ala handle: presented in Monaco at the BAU

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Manital meets Bartoli Design.

Since its foundation, Manital has chosen to collaborate with designers who know how to create handles capable of representing the soul, vision and know-how of the company, always with an eye to the future.

Design Contest

The Gemmy handle by Manital receives the third award: the Good Design® Award 2022

After the DNA Paris Design Awards 2022 and the selection for the Frame Awards 2022, the Gemmy door handle by Manital, designed by Mario Mazzer and Giovanni Crosera gets the Good Design® Award 2022

design News

2022 profitable for Manital: three new handles, an international award and a new art direction.

Gemmy, Natty and Pipe are the three handles that Manital presented in 2022, a very profitable year for the company that began with the assignment of art direction to Mario Mazzer, Giovanni Crosera and Giulia Mazzer.

Architecture News

Double success for Manital in Dubai

Manital made in Italy returns to the fore in Dubai, with two important new supplies.