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Reebok City Classics Collection edited by STASH, Graffiti writer, artist and icon of footwear

The partnership and creative collaboration between Reebok Classic and the pioneer of Stash graffiti It has resulted in the review of the most famous sneaker brand: Classic Leather, Ex-O-Fit e Freestyle.


DOZE GREEN in Paris - a hip-hop legend on display at the Openspace from 6 to 31 July

doze Green (1964, USA) he is a passionate and syncretic artist like his painting. Known to be one of the global references of hip-hop, he combines the style of his early graffiti and his well-known background as a dancer with an energetic and spooky painting process.

Movement is as important to him as the material he uses. In his works, he attempts to translate the metaphorical and timeless concepts that challenge him. Affected by the Cubist movement and his Afro-Caribbean origins, he is also influenced by the b-boy culture and way of life. doze Green he paints the duality of the human condition and tells us an emotional and symbolic story.


jetclass / graffiti collection, Ferrari theme

Inspired by Formula One cars from 1960, the Ferrari theme of the collection of graffiti Jetclass brings the nostalgia of vintage cars and the style of their drivers to today. Crafted piece by piece or as a whole, these iconic pieces are made in very few examples.


Tilt / Graffiti Design Hotel Marseille

The artist Tilt created Panic Room, a room decorated in half with graffiti, inside the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France. The exclusive hotel has five rooms that are set up each year by a different artist. Graphic designers, artists and painters are invited specifically to create surprising atmospheres.


Graffiti And Swarovski light Switches From Aly Power

Gli interruttori della luce decorati  stanno diventando di questi tempi una tendenza  con una buona ragione.