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Hemisphere series of Stella in Torre Velasca

On the occasion of the last works on the Torre Velasca, Rubinetterie Stella will provide a new supply of the Emisfero series for residential premises.


Hemisphere series. The "Good Design" by Stella.

A dynamic reinterpretation of the famous four-pointed handle, synonymous with ergonomics, the Emisfero series is perfectly suited to the evolution of furnishing ideas.


nu null / Mòbito

The mòbito, of nu null, is a clothing kit that draws inspiration from the kimono, which is why it has an approximate size and is modeled on the body of the wearer. It consists of a basic piece, on which about 60 buttons are sewn, e


L'Eglise Concept Store, Turin / Matteo Casalegno

Within a unique and fascinating exhibition space, L'Eglise is a Concept Store that sets itself the task of personalizing the way of living and living through products with indisputable emotionality. The idea from which L'Eglise was born is the proposal of a Private Collection consisting of unique pieces or limited series, of an industrial chic line that reinterprets the old industrial furniture, of a line of vases and rugs unique in design and workmanship, and a line of fashion accessories and handcrafted jewels. Exclusive, unique and personalized products, which arise from the experimentation of new processing techniques and from the research of excellent artists and craftsmen.


Elisa Strozyk / Accordion Cabinet

Elisa Strozyk in collaboration with the artist Sebastian Neeb created this very original piece of furniture in the shape of an accordion.