design News

internal stairs and external stairs in the catalog Fontanot 2016

December is the month of news, even in the Fontanot house: a family reunion turns into a choral interview in which curiosities, anecdotes and, above all, the company's values ​​emerge: passion, experimentation and creativity.

design News

The design in Milan, a home for professionals: My Place

Design care often means to have courage: the courage to innovate, to think outside the box, to get out of invisible lines drawn from the habit.

Architecture News

A staircase in the kitchen? …Very well!

The scale is a structural element that communicates movement, free, freedom. Perhaps this is why it is often used to decorate photo shoots and television studios.


Photography and design: the minimal atmosphere of Fontanot shots

The elegant and contemporary style of the Fontanot design stairs is poured into an impressive shooting.


Space-Y, one clove of creativity by Fontanot

Creative laboratory Fontanot It presents his latest project: this is Space-Y, the container designed to recover the space behind the spiral staircase.