Hertl Architekten: Aichinger house

The Austrian study architekten Hertl proposes this very special project, a multi-storey building consisting of two apartments in Kronstorf. The structure, which once housed a restaurant, is treated with a textile leather that gives the building a new light, and an interesting curtain effect.

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Yuya Ushida: sofa_XXXX

'Sofa_xxxx' by yuya UshidaDesigner with offices in Germany, is an expandable and retractable seating system that converts from couch to chair. The cabinet is constructed from 8.000 chopsticks that have been individually cut at different lengths and polished to achieve the correct angles needed to build the structure.
Rings and joints were used to connect the elements of the sofa and give it adaptability and flexibility. Overall, it took three months of work to get the job done. The “XXXX” sofa can support a maximum of three people of 70kg each.

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