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Tubes Radiatori, the Rift radiator wins the iF Design Award 2016

Another important result for Tubes Radiatori which, thanks to its Rift radiator, wins the iF Design Award 2016, the annual prize awarded by the iFInternational Forum Design GmbH.


BREM Art, artistic radiators as paintings

Brem produces heaters that satisfy the need for adequate calorific power to heat the environment and at the same time capable of furnishing the environment and being aesthetically protagonists.


Alessandro Canepa / radiator CUT

CUT is a new heater radiant steel drawn by Alessandro Canepa, On which it imposes a strict surface "cutting" as the only graphic and functional element. A real decorative panel to hang on the wall to customize it with imagination and originality.


Giovanni Tomasini / Bloom Termoarredo

Giovanni Tomasini was inspired by the flower buds when they open to draw Bloom, but with an eye also to art, fountain cuts or Burri's cretti.