Color contrasts and material textures for the interior design of a house on 2 levels

Interior design project of a house on 2 levels, where the common denominator is the interaction with the structural elements and the designed furnishings.




House Dream allows you to change the image, draw spaces or restructure totally their homes in the city, the sea, the mountains, in Italy or abroad.
The big advantage is the reduction of costs of the professional who will not be present in the pipeline, but will provide the customer everything needed to carry out the work.


Marcello Ghirardi - G-Design® / The architect and his condition

We consider a priori architecture as a niche art and the figure of the architect as a frivolous artist who realizes his own design suggestions regardless of the external yardstick.

From this first superficial reading, it is clear that architecture is nothing more than building and that the architect is a sort of painter who paints the building on a neutral background, that is, unconditional from the pre-existing ones.

Imagine having in front of you, an architect, who to carry out a project, paints on a canvas still intact. With an indiscreet eye, don't you dare ask what she is doing, an artist should not be disturbed while she works; so wait for the work to be done. Once the work is finished, the artist with profound pride shows you the project: shapes and shapes that you do not understand but which, for the architect, represent a beautiful and different vision, precisely that diversity that, winking at you, intrigues the recipient of the work.

The architecture, however, is not this, not behind forms suggested by a beautiful self.


Transformation of a medieval building / Anna Noguera

Located in the central part of the medieval quarter of Girona and overlooking Plaça de Sant Domènec in Spain, this house called Alemanys 5 is housed in an original XNUMXth century building. The property has been recently renovated by the architect Anna Noguera, And it's amazing