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BARATTI & MILANO chooses Agena for the exclusive tailor made project

The historic Italian brand Baratti & Milano, symbol of made in Italy, in the year of its 160th birthday, relies on Agena for a unique project to decorate the walls of the new Abrì store.


The wallpaper Incontri Lisa by Agena, a tribute in a modern key to the Mona Lisa.

The silk-effect gauze, superimposed on the TNT base, gives a shiny finish to this unusual proposal, a modern tribute to the Mona Lisa.


OPHELIA Wallpaper by Agena: flower power in a modern way.

Flower Power: the stylized floral patterns cover the walls to get closer to the modern taste. A classic design revisited, with clean and refined lines. Flowers are made by printing drawings taken from magazines, newspapers, books, for an exclusive and precious result.


Focus Design, Paper KILIMS wallpaper. Design Stefano Russo, IED Turin

KILIM: fantasy ethnic flavor to this wallpaper of Folk Chic collection Agena, a texture retro revisited in a contemporary way and absolutely innovative.

design News

At around Halloween! Wallpaper perfect for a touch bewitched to home environments.

GLAM, STREETS, GHOST, PLUME: proposals Agena to create the right atmosphere for the most magical night of the year.