Salone del Mobile 2015

Colé Italian label design, the new products at Fuorisalone 2015

Cole Colette 01
Colé Italian label design, the new products at Fuorisalone 2015 it has been modified: 2015-05-06 di Benedict Flowers

The stylistic lines of the Bauhaus, the creativity of Bruno Munari, Viennese design by Marcel Gascoin, are the important historical references of 2015 products Colé Italian design label, presented in Milan during the last edition of the Salone del Mobile.

Loka | design Lorenz * Kaz

In the elegant and harmonious stylistic code of the Lorenz * Kaz studio we find, as always, deep design ties with the Bauhaus, a love for Nordic design, and an unmistakable "Southern effect", which emerges in the use of colors and materials, as well as in combinations with a strong visual impact. The LoKa armchair has a structure in open pore lacquered solid beech, while the padding is made with high performance fabrics or natural leather.

Measurements: L79,5 P73,1 x cm x H74,4

Cole Loka 01

 Cole Loka 03

Cole Loka 04

Cole Loka 05

Cole Loka 06

Cole Loka 07

Wise Men mirrors | design Lorenza Bozzoli

The semiotics of the mask it hides, combined with that of the mirror that reflects, is in itself explosive. Lorenza Bozzoli returns to surprise us with her references of ultra-contemporary cultured hybridization. And he gives us a totemic object. Made of natural and stained solid wood with application of mirror plate and brass details, they can be hung on the wall or placed on an iron pedestal.

Measurements: Eze L18 P9 x x H40 cm (mask with a high forehead), Bikita L20 x x P8 H41 cm (mask drip)
Hawa L28 x x P6 H31 cm (elliptical mask)

Cole Three Wise Men 02

Cole Three Wise Men-Bikita 01

Cole Three Wise Men-Bikita 02

Cole Three Wise Men-Eze 01

Cole Three Wise Men-Eze 02

Cole Three Wise Men-Hawa 01

Cole Three Wise Men-Hawa 02

Cole Three Wise Men 01

Colette | design Lorenza Bozzoli

A chair that stands out with the evocative grandeur of a throne. The armrests are outlined like giant commas that support the grammar of the sign; the high back rises in anticipation of its queen… The structure is in black lacquered mdf, fabric with inserts of ribbons decorated in shades of African red and indigo blue.

Measurements: L52 P64 x cm x H147

Cole Colette 02

Cole Colette 03

Cole Colette 04

Adjust | design Bracchetti + Saibene

There is in each of us a creativity that the very Milanese Bruno Munari helps to highlight with an enchanted lightness. Regola is inspired by it, a coat hanger that allows you to compose a wall as in a game. Designed to go upside down, but also upside down, it will always have its own pocket behind it ... Because, as Munari says, "the rule must not kill
fantasy"! Made of beech plywood with a flared cut, oak veneer, knobs in two sizes in wood and lacquer, mirror plate and storage shelf on the back.

Measurements: L90 P11 x cm x H20

Cole Rule 01

Cole Rule 02

Vienna | design Emmanuel Gallina

The Vienna armchair is the natural evolution of the homonymous chairs and armchairs and, like them, manages to harmonize beauty and functionality. Emmanuel Gallina continues a very personal journey into memory that ranges from the Vienna of the late nineteenth century to the 50s by Marcel Gascoin, passing through the visions of the American EJ Brussel. The structure is in solid natural beech or walnut stained and handcrafted Vienna straw in the same shades.

Measurements: L70 P83 x cm x H75

Cole Vienna armchair 08

Cole Vienna armchair 01

Cole Vienna armchair 02

Cole Vienna armchair 03

Cole Vienna armchair 04

Cole Vienna armchair 05

Cole Vienna armchair 06

Cole Vienna armchair 07

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