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Fuorisalone 2014, Zampieri and presents Fifty Tweet

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Zampieri, Will present to the fuorisalone 2014 its two new kitchens: Fifty and Tweet, two new kitchens that express the originality of the refined aesthetic Zampieri, with exclusive finishes.

Fifty is a flagship program of furniture for kitchens and living. Crown the entrepreneurial path and research conducted by Zampieri in its fifty years of activity, and from here it takes its name.

The company has always been known for the high quality of its products and for the special attention devoted to the finishes. Fifty of course no exception: the program as a material of great aesthetic impact that are unique Zampieri: like door 3D, obtained by combining strips of widths and heights oak flamed sandblasted and oxidized which, due to their different thickness, create a three-dimensional surface; and the metal door, which has an aesthetic equal to the metal and is obtained thanks to the painting with iron powder.

These special finishes are matched by refined glossy and matt lacquers, while the textured, sanded and oxidized flamed oak is also available for the smooth version of the door, again in five colors (natural, sand, ash, burned and brown).

Fifty has 25 mm thick door and proposes a design of absolute formal purity, where to make a difference are the details: the design precautions taken and the particularity of the materials, in fact, allow this system to connote with casual elegance and the kitchens living in which it is placed.

Its aesthetics is essential for the absence of applied handles, the opening elements are in fact thanks to the throat carved in the panels of the doors, an incision that creates an effect of depth on the upper side of the base and on the side of the columns, emphasizing character compositions.
The great customization possibilities offered by Fifty, is accompanied by the great flexibility of base, wall and columns that deliver the kitchen and living that best meets their needs, and the availability of wood paneling with metal frame and glass shelves industrial (modularity 60 and 120 cm) that give emphasis to the metropolitan compositions.

Fifty 1

Fifty 2

Tweet (Cuisine is young, eclectic and dynamic. The modularity of its elements allows it to adapt with agility to the environments of all sizes and the presence of elements in the day they talk harmoniously with the living area.

Tweet takes its name from the functional modules paneling with shelves that, crossing, reproduce a pound sign (#) used to define the hashtag in different social networks. These modules can run under the wall cabinets to accommodate the cooking utensils and make it even more functional work area, or be used to make fun handouts day or practices to create libraries that extend into the next room.

Tweet has a linear design, made expressive by the aluminum profile - painted in bright colors in contrast with the door or in the same color as it - which runs along the upper edge of the base units and the vertical edge of the columns: a design solution that, in addition to reviving the environment defines a practical handle.

Very attentive to functionality, Tweet also proposes a column - with retractable doors along the sides to eliminate any obstruction - equipped inside with a stainless steel top and an equipped backrest: an innovative element that multiplies the work space and allows you to keep everything in order.

Tweet door has 20 mm thick, available in lacquered color range Zampieri. Proposes backs and snack counters melamine (finish acacia thermal or bleached). As the crossbeam, the wainscoting Tweet are available in both lacquered melamine. The metal structure of the snack counters echoes the color of the aluminum profile doors, completing a further twist with dynamic compositions.

Tweet 1

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