Shanghai Gold Vase design Mario Bellini for Kartell


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Precious Kartell ... Great classics Kartell change skin and light of new unique and brilliant metallic finishes: chrome, gold, copper. The plastic is noble and sophisticated, giving a bright and glamorous dimension to the best-selling Kartell. The result of several years of research, the metallization process developed by Kartell is absolutely cutting-edge and high quality: the result is impeccable in terms of aesthetics, tactile and level of robustness lacquers used. Designed by the great designer Mario Bellini, Shanghai is a vase faceted that opens from the bottom up, as aminated by a vortex capable of making energy and light. As a refractive index of crystal fragments in an alternation of light and shade, the vase has irregular geometric forms, multiform and multicolored charm as the city orienting the origin of its name. This vessel will present elegantly your flower arrangements. Suitable for use in external

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