Lugo Tablecloth - 180 x 140 cm Blue | Red design Irene Bacchi | Leonardo Sonnoli for internoitaliano


Designed by Irene Bacchi and Leonardo Sonnoli tablecloth Lugo In 100% linen fabric, printing moviti on the tablecloth is handmade.


Designed by Irene Bacchi and Leonardo Sonnoli, the Lugo tablecloth is in 100% linen fabric, the moviti print on the tablecloth is handmade by the Antica Stamperia Artigiana Marchi atelier, a very famous house, founded in the 17th century in the Rimini region .

Transform your table into a work of art with this beautiful fabric tablecloth decorated with a poetic motif with a contemporary style. The motifs reproduce the footprints left by bikes when they pass from a puddle of water to a sun-dried roadway in southern Italy.

Handcrafted in Italy - Machine wash (40 °) - Delicate drying

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