White Heaven chair design Jean-Marie Massaud for Emu




The company Emu decided to reinterpret the metal, with the help of leading designers: Jean Marie Massaud has lent to the game and he designed the collection Heaven. Real technical feat, this collection transforms the steel, naturally hard and cold, in a 'plastic', soft and extensible. The metal is made flexible woven like a precious fabric, then molded to create smooth flowing lines. The plot makes the volume of the metal chair Heaven incorporeal. With its sinuous curves and the profile plane, the chair Heaven is for its designer, Jean Marie Massaud, "a manifesto of elegance, between glamor and timeless sensuality." This setting provides a great seating comfort and, with line chart clean and simple, and can be placed in different environments. Stackable and treated anti-corrosion, it is ideal at home, in the garden or even in public places (restaurants, bars ...). The Heaven chair is available in four color tones: white, aluminum, light green and light blue. Form a very nice set with the table of the same collection. Outdoor and indoor - Anti-corrosion treatment - Stackable