Chair / steel color steel with transparent varnish dark design Xavier Pauchard for Tolix


The chair A Tolix went through eras and styles to become a classic written in the collective memory.



TOLIX now furnishes terraces and balconies with her new material: the steel, perfectly suitable for outdoor use. It presents a perfect corrosion resistance, even in environments such as swimming pools or in the sea. 100% outdoor, this chair A enhances the natural beauty of the metal. E 'made of stainless steel plate with a raw dark varnish. Is the modern style of the early '30-'50; icon aesthetics industry for nearly a century, the chair of A Tolix went through periods and styles to become a classic writing nela collective memory. Its popularity since 1934 led to his entry in the collections of the Vitra Design Museum, the MoMA and the Centre Pompidou ... An international recognition for this "living heritage" that expresses the art of French living. A chair has established itself for its minimal aesthetics, its robustness and its lightness. On board the ocean liner Normandie in 1935, the chair Tolix furnishes also spaces the Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques in 1937. It is also on many terraces of coffee, before entering the private sphere of the years' 50. The chair "A" marks a significant milestone in the history of design. Its designer, Xavier Pauchard, used for the first time the printed sheet and zinc for the production of furniture produced in series. The Tolix chair becomes the first chair French industrialist. Today, the company has acquired high-performance digital devices that accompany many manual tasks and the tools inherited from history. Each chair comes dall'atelier is unique and has the signature Tolix, etched into the metal. E 'with genuine recognition that Tolix received in 2006, the label of "Company of Living Heritage" awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry. For the interior and the exterior - Perfect corrosion resistance, even in wet environments such as beach or pool - Stackable up to 8 chairs - Figure in the permanent collection of the Vitra Design Museum, the MoMA and the Centre Pompidou - First French industrial chair

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