Desk child Rhino Pink design for Tolix Normal Studio


The desk Rhino seduce your children to both the lightness and for the choice of bright colors.


News Tolix 2010, the desk Rhino seduce your children to both the lightness and for the choice of bright colors. It caters to your bushels Rhino as its lightness by his choice of vitamin shades. Follow your child everywhere. As a worthy heir, it has the same characteristics that have brought success to the furniture Tolix: simplicity, functionality and solidity. All corners of the desk are rounded for added security. Rhino is a wonderful freedom for children, who can appropriate it without worries. Icon of industrial design for almost a century, the furniture Tolix has gone through eras and styles to become a classic written in the collective memory, a "living heritage" that illustrates the art of French living ... Since 2004, Chantal Andriot brings a youthful style to choose the brand and designer Jean-Francois Dingjian and Eloi Chafaï, aka Normal Studio, to assist in the artistic direction. The new collections Tolix evoke the aesthetics rough industry and offer the same charm of the historical creations of the brand! Symbolic and democratic, the metal furniture Tolix marks a significant milestone in the history of design. The merit goes to Xavier Pauchard designers who first used stamped sheet metal and zinc for the production of furniture produced in series. Today, the company has acquired high-performance digital cameras that accompany many manual tasks and the tools inherited from history. Every element that goes by the Atelier is unique and bears the signature Tolix etched in the metal. And 'with genuine recognition that Tolix received in 2006, the label of "Company of Living Heritage" awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry.

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