Armchair Wavy Transparent Design Ron Arad for Moroso




Always with the desire to experience the capabilities and performance of materials speeding, Ron Arad has introduced Wavy. This amazing chair is made of a polyethylene shell filled with numerous undulations. The plastic is reinterpreted and appears to be a soft, lightweight fabric, a kind of cloth laid on a metal frame. A fabric that seems to fly in the air. Ron Arad uses the plastic material in an unconventional way and the effect that is obtained is lightness, softness and extreme softness. The unusual seat is both comfortable and snug. The reading of the surface waves massage the body and ensure maximum comfort. "The chair is a given shape, a defined function. And just because it's been so thoroughly explored and reinterpreted it makes more and more interesting to discover new territories. " Ron Arad. Stackable (max 4)

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