Diatom chair Aluminium design Ross Lovegrove for Moroso


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Endlessly stackable, this chair has a round seat and well-sculpted, shaped corolla is clearly inspired by nature. A simple geometry allapparenza, achieved thanks to a complex manufacturing process, entirely generated by digital data. This deep drawing technology, typically used dallindustria automobile, allows to obtain a seat in pressed aluminum sheet, ultra fine and light, which has the same resistance Steel Community. This structure watermark, split into different symmetrical parts, inspired by the shape of diatoms, single-celled algae that make up the plankton and they play an important role in marine dellecosistema life. Diatom perfectly illustrates the work of Ross Lovegrove, great exponent of organic design. The British designer uses an innovative digital technology to reproduce the fluid forms and changing lines of nature. stackable to infinity

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