Mobile Low stool H 50 cm - Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier Yellow lit Frédéric GAUNET design for Tolix


While stool and storage module, this small cabinet in 2 1 can be positioned and live anywhere: bedside table in the room, living room table, the mobile support in the bathroom

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When a big-name architecture meets one of the leading furniture manufacturers industrial ... The collection Tolix has signed four new colors Le Corbusier. Architect of the twentieth century, perhaps the most advanced, Le Corbusier, made history with its emblematic buildings and the art of color. He has created a palette of shades of color within the 63 polychrome architecture, used for cité Radieuse of Rezé (Nantes). For Le Corbusier, everyone is attracted to a specific color as a function of his personality. To discover the work of Le Corbusier, Tolix presents Quattre color gradient taken from this palette of colors, in combination with the "Couleurs Suisse", company guarantor of the legacy of Le Corbusier. Vermilion 59, 59 ultramarine blue, bright yellow and gray 59: bright colors and pop the matte finish that is perfectly suited to the style of vintage furniture Tolix. While stool and cabinet, this small cabinet in 2 1 can be placed anywhere: bedside table in the room, the table next to the couch in the living room, cabinet in the bathroom .. We like the style hybrid, a cross between contemporary design and industrial style and vintage. Icon aesthetics industry for more than a century, the furniture maker Tolix has spanned eras and style to become a classic written in the collective memory, a "living heritage" that illustrates the art of French living ... Collection Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier - 2 shelves - Production 100% French

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