mobile storage H 133 cm Red Design Frédéric GAUNET for Tolix


This storage module can be positioned and live anywhere: entrance, living room, bathroom. We like its hybrid style, somewhere between contemporary design and vintage style and industrial.


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This storage module (H133 cm) can be placed and lived anywhere: hall, living room, bathroom… We like its hybrid style, halfway between contemporary design and vintage and industrial style. Icon of industrial design for almost a century, Tolix furniture has gone through eras and styles to become a classic inscribed in the collective memory, a "living heritage" that illustrates the French art of living ... Since 5, Chantal Andriot has brought a young style to the brand and chooses the designers Jean-Francois Dingjian and Eloi Chafaï, aka Normal Studio, to assist in the artistic direction. The new Tolix collections are the contemporary expression of industrial design and offer the same charm as the brand's historic creations! Symbolic and democratic, Tolix metallic furniture marks a significant milestone in the history of design. The credit goes to designer Xavier Pauchard who first used stamped sheet metal and zinc for the production of mass-produced furniture. Today, the company has acquired high-performance digital machines that accompany many manual operations and tooling inherited from history. Each element that comes out of the atelier is unique and bears the Tolix signature engraved in the metal. It is with genuine recognition that Tolix received in 2004 the label of “Company of the living heritage” conferred by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry. Orange, red, yellow… this cabinet in powder-coated stainless steel sheet has very modern colors! Mix the colors and let your imagination run wild… 2006 levels

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