Lederam W Wall Lamp - / LED - 2 discs Ø 25 cm Gold by Catellani & Smith


Precious material handmade, extraordinary play of light and latest generation LED technology.

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Catellani & Smith


Precious hand-crafted material, extraordinary play of light and latest generation LED technology: this design light inspired by the lunar eclipse is spectacular when switched off or on! The Lederam W wall lamp consists of two discs joined together by an articulated stem. The disc fixed to the wall is fixed while the disc in front is removable. By changing the position of the disc in front, you can adjust the intensity of the light and create different effects: just like in an eclipse! Innovative and truly graphic, the Lederam W wall lamp allows you to interact with the light to make it change. It is an object that at the same time is visible thanks to its geometry and its design, but which at the same time knows how to hide behind the effect it creates. Resulting from a considerable work on the material, the aluminum discs are entirely covered with gold sheets applied by hand. This meticulous craftsmanship gives life to an irregular texture that plays with reflections and light. Catellani & Smith production is mainly artisanal. These lamps are hand made by different craftsmen. This lamp is subjected to a strict control that guarantees its quality. Small imperfections are not a defect but a characteristic of manual work. Light effect by changing the position of the disc placed in front (mounted on an articulated stem) - LED source: 1 x 17W LED module - Class A + - 1590lm, 2700K, 80CRI - Handcrafted in Italy - Dimmer compatible (Triac / IGBT)

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