Industrial C1750 Red Suspension Lamp by Ferroluce


Made of aged and eroded metal by hand and then enameled.

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Technical Information

“Industrial” style bell suspension lamp. Made of aged and eroded metal by hand and then enameled. The unique feature of the “industrial” lamps make them a complement of strong evocative character and find space in the furnishings of beautiful homes with attention to detail, where the warmth of things that last over time are sought.

The glossy surfaces and bright colors of the "industrial" lamps want to assign a leading role to these unique objects. The essentiality of “industrial” lamps as functional objects contrast and at the same time integrate perfectly with luxury. On request it can be supplied with a LED bulb also with a vintage look. Being unique objects there is no “industrial” lamp the same as another. Ferroluce, specialized in the production of chandeliers, was born in 1982. The products are the result of love and respect for tradition and for the material: simplicity, ancient values, the taste of a past time that still belongs to us and that we want to perpetuate recreating a unique atmosphere in style and elegance in every home, room or hotel.

The production takes place exclusively in Italy and each item is the union between harmony of shapes and the search for ever new chromatic alchemy. Each item thus stands out from the monotony of mass-produced products, acquiring a unique personality. This is why Ferroluce, after careful research and attention to the smallest details, has created Retrò, a collection able to satisfy even the most demanding customers, when it comes to lighting and furnishing environments with an industrial, vintage, underground, minimal and more. . Quality product entirely "Made in Italy".

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