Toiletpaper bowl - I love you by Seletti


Maurizio Cattelan, a well-known figure in the contemporary art scene, and the photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari sign a unique collection for Seletti, both provocative, absurd and funny.

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When contemporary art comes to the table ... Maurizio Cattelan, a well-established figure in the contemporary art scene, and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari sign a unique collection for Seletti, at once provocative, absurd, amusing ... Plates, mugs, tablecloths and soaps of this collection are decorated with surrealist images taken from the magazine Toilet Paper, founded in 2010 by two Italian artists. Dita cut off with perfect manicure, bitten soap, fish stuffed with precious stones, canary with a cut wing ... Toilet Paper's dreamlike and rich black humor motifs take inspiration from fashion, from advertising, combining commercial photography, disturbing visual narratives and imaginary surrealist . Toilet Paper refers to our contemporary obsession with images, exploring our most absurd desires and impulses. The different elements of the Toilet Paper collection are different portraits that capture, mix disturbing normality and ambiguity, in which the feeling of upset joins a visual pleasure. These are real works of art! The Toilet Paper collection questions, despite having affordable prices and a wide distribution, on the nature and limits of the contemporary art market. A question that has always been at the heart of Maurizio Cattelan's work ... This enameled metal bowl measures: Ø 17 cm x H 8 cm. Dishwasher safe. Dishwasher safe - Image printed on both sides of the bowl

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